Movement & Critical Alignment Yoga

The spine is at the centre of our lessons. And poses (asanas) are built from that perspective.

You will gradually get a feeling for your spine which improves your posture, including outside the lessons. Your body becomes more supple, more relaxed and finds renewed strength that not only embraces muscle mass, but also creates a flow of inner attention and calm.

The fact of the matter is not on how good you are, but how well you can keep your focus and learn how to sense.

Our approach

The yoga style we use is Critical Alignment Yoga.

What makes this style so unique is that a specific step-by-step plan is followed. With the help of tools, we first proceed to relax muscles and ‘align’ vertebrae or place them better so that the connection becomes more mobile and stabile. The next step then is to build up strength and coordination. The insight you gain can be carried into the daily routine, regardless of all the lessons.

Critical Alignment helps you to break habitual postures or movements (which ultimately cause complaints) and to change them once and for all! The final goal is to align your body and mind in a good balance, i.e. “Your nature in Balance”. In this way, you are freer in your body and therefore also more positive in life.


Breaking through the pattern

This is the difference between CAY (Critical Alignment Yoga) and regular Yoga. We tackle the body in depth so that we can build up the yoga postures independently of the habitual postures and that practitioners can carry this renewed outlook with them in their daily activities.

We bring this to you through different classes.

More information about our offer is provided below:

Group courses

There are Lessons for beginners to advanced practitioners (back-bending or dynamic flow) and more…

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Private lessons

Do you prefer private advice and guidance? That is possible in yoga, in osteopathy or in personal coaching.

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Bubble yoga

Yoga with your family or a few close friends? No problem!

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Yoga @ the Beach

Free and paid classes are available on the beach. Find out more here:

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Company yoga

Keen to bolster the group spirit in a fun and healthy way? Or create great team spirit so that you can get more creative with your job?

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