Our knowledge goes beyond yoga, as you will find out in our health offerings.



with Nicole

Osteopathy is a science that relaxes blocked
zones. This can apply to the joints as well as on the organs
and the craniosacral link. The more balance there is in your body, the better the flow and the fewer complaints there will be. Tense muscles feel looser and it generally gives a very relaxed feeling. Regular treatment is recommended. Because tension is often the cause of blockages, Nicole, who administers osteopathy treatment, focuses on removing tension. The atmosphere is pleasantly warm by the fire and with soothing music in the background you feel perfectly relaxed. Don’t be alarmed if there is a small yoga exercise, tailored to your needs.
Specialization: neck-shoulders

€75 / hour and €65 / 45 minutes
You do not need a medical certificate for osteopathy treatment. By appointment only.


Physiotherapy or massage

with Emilie

Whatever your problem is, a physiotherapy treatment will help you.

You will need a doctor’s note for physiotherapy treatment. By appointment only.

The massages are given with quality products that are beneficial for the skin. Our offer includes:

  • Full body relaxation massage 1h30 (introductory price: €95)
  • Deep tissue massage lower back 30′ (introductory price: €40)
  • Deep tissue massage neck-head & shoulders 45’ (introductory price: €55)
  • Deep tissue massage full back 1h (introductory price: €65)
  • Specific region of your choice 30’ (introductory price: €40)

Massages by appointment; if necessary, on location also.


Foot sole reflexology

with Nicole

The entire body is contained in the foot. More balance is brought to the zones that feel tense by exerting pressure on the sole of the foot. This can be about lower back pain, for example, but also about digestion. A firm foot massage has an effect on the whole body. It gives you energy and brings relaxation.

€75 / hour and €65 / 45 minutes
You do not need a medical certificate for this treatment. By appointment only.


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