Yoga Nirmla is more than just yoga …

The yoga style we use is CRITICAL ALIGNMENT. You learn how to deal with tension and how to release it purposefully. And get your strength back in a relaxed manner. Yoga Nirmla specializes in preventing and/or solving neck and back problems as well as shoulder problems.

Who is Yoga Nirmla

Osteopathy to break through blockages

The exercises we do might not be enough to break through blockages. We can take a closer look at the problem and treat it in individual osteopathic sessions. The techniques are built up in such a way as to attain an improved craniosacral flow (from head to pelvis).

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Movement & Critical Alignment Yoga


How is my posture? Where is there tension? Where do I feel pain?
By dealing with these kinds of questions in a conscious way, you get to know yourself better and you manage to find the basis of tensions so that the cause can be addressed or even removed.

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Personal coach

Yoga Nirmla will advise and guide you personally on exactly what is important for you, whether it be yoga therapy, stress relief or adjusting and monitoring your diet. We coach you personally to suit your needs.

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Yoga Shop

On this page you will find all basic materials that are for sale at Yoga Nirmla for a free Yoga experience, PLUS the necessary information to order Prana Clothing. Our shop is open by appointment or in conjunction with the classes.

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  • CAY and daily life

    " Sometimes my head is a jumble of thoughts and tensions. In Critical Alignment Yoga I find peace of mind and relaxation.”
  • CAY cycling

    "Thanks to regular yoga sessions and in particular to critical alignment, I can now go on very long cycling trips without any difficulties."
  • CAY kitesurfing

    "This unique style of yoga helps me enjoy my hobby of kitesurfing. I have improved in both strength and endurance thanks to CAY! "

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